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Miracle Valley Ministries is the prayer ministry of Pastor Sola Fabunmi, the senior pastor of City of Faith Church, Gaithersburg, Maryland. A man with the ministries of prayer and healing, his calling and passion for prayer led to the birth of Miracle Valley Prayer Retreat.

Pastor Sola Fabunmi was born and grew up in Nigeria, West Africa, where he first came to know Christ. With a humble background, he worked his way into the corporate world in Nigeria, working with Sheraton Hotel, then Dubai in the United Arab Emirates…

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Identity – I Know Who I Am

21 Sep, 2018

When Jesus asked the disciples who they thought he was, and Peter responded, he was the messiah son of the living God, D ...

Identity – Who Are You? (Who am I )

24 Aug, 2018

1)Who are you? this is a question as old as time. Who are You (selah) This is a question that is asked again and agai ...

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