Identity – Who Are You? (Who am I )

24 Aug, 2018

1)Who are you? this is a question as old as time. Who are You (selah)

This is a question that is asked again and again and again. It’s asked quietly, it asked instinctively, its asked wonderingly, its asked by others of us …..but it is asked ‘Who are you? Who am I?

“ I am a chosen generation’

Some people know right away who they are, some are not sure and go on a search thing to find themselves, and some people sadly enough never know their entire life who they are. But this should not be so. Who are you?

And Jesus questioning his disciples saying to them ‘Who do men say me to be?’(Young’s literal translation)

This question is key!!!! such that Jesus Christ the Son of God asked it of his disciples. He phrased it differently in that he asked who do the people say He is. Jesus was asking that question not from a position weakness or trying to find himself? he was actually asking from a position Strength. HE knew who He was! he was just curious to see if the world got it.

’Everybody talk” isn’t there a song like that,

Another interesting point to note in this verse, is the reference that they were talking about Him. Who do they ….so He was pretty much saying I know they are talking about me! So perhaps people are talking about you, and you are getting all hung about that; perhaps they are saying untrue things and wicked things about you and you are getting all twisted….but if you can answer the question ‘Who are you?’ some of the things that seem soooooooo important you’ll realize they aren’t at all.

To be continued…..